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Prolog zum Hörspiel - zum Nachhören

21.12.2010 | 13:54 | Web, Hörspiel

Zum Auftakt gab es vor der ersten Hörspiel-Folge bereits den Prolog: eine Sondersendung zum [...]


Update der Mediaseite

15.12.2010 | 15:43 | Web

Ab sofort steht in unserem Bereich "Was sagt die Forschung" auf unserer Mediaseite der [...]


Update der Mediaseite

14.12.2010 | 09:04 | Web

Was sagt die Forschung hat neue Beiträge zum Nachhören...


Meet the future

Hier klicken, um Folge 2 'Schizophren' online anzusehen.

Stuttgart 2017 - Welcome to a safe and secure world. Brainscanners will soon be installed all over Europe. And Johanna Berger, 35, is losing control over her life.

Nominated for Prix Europa 2011

"Alpha 0.7 - Total Control" is among the nominees in two categories: Online (for the websites of the Alpha 0.7-universe) and Radio Fiction (for part one of the radio drama).

Many thanks to all or our fans, critics and combatants!

Our cross-media series’ journey into the year 2017 is over – and with it the first 360-degree-project of its kind in Germany.

The forum will stay open for a little while longer – for discussions or personal conclusions from all of you that stuck with “Alpha 0.7 – Total Control” since the fall of 2010. We want to say Thank You to all those who took part, followed the clues, watched, listened, did research, commented and led lively discussions.

And of course you know: stay alert… ;-)

The radio drama: does the truth about Alpha 0.7 come to light?

The legal proceedings regarding the assassination attempt on the state premier begin. Everything depends on Johanna now. She is the only one who can testify to the truth about the alpha experiments. Detective Neumann also wants to find out what happened. Will they succeed? – More in the radio drama finale.

Secret message from apollon

A song is spreading like a virus through all radio programmes in Europe – smuggled in by Ralf and Mila. A crash:conspiracy song that is driving the brain scanner’s enthusiats mad. Those who know Ino and his tricks already realized: There is a message somewhere to be decoded.

Read more in the forum >

crash:conspiracy needs your help

Hier klicken, um das crash:conspiracy Video zu Moonlit zu sehen.

Ino and crash:conspiracy need every last one of you. The first "Moonlit" video" is done. But that’s not enough for us. The summit on 09.27.2017 is drawing closer and we all need to do something against the implementation of the brain scanner.  

Show them that you oppose surveillance and brain scanners: shoot your own music video for “moonlit” or compose a remix of the song. Post it here as a video comment or tag your video to our Facebook-Wall.

More information at: http://www.apollon-blog.de

Spread the word! Freedom is more important than security!

Alpha 0.7 – the zero-brain-lab

Hier klicken, um die neuesten Folgen des Null-Hirn-Labors zu hören.

Have you heard? A different perspective on Alpha 0.7 in the SWR 3 comedy „the zero-brain-lab“ by Sascha Zeus and Michael Wirbitzky oft he SWR3 morning show on our media page.

Stuttgart. 2017.

Germany has changed. Surveillance is ubiquitous and body scanners are everyday occurrences. But nobody is getting worked about it anymore. We are all happy to stand down in the name of security.

However, the possibilities created by neuroscience and that politicians strive to utilize to further surveillance scare people.

In Stuttgart the decision about looking into people’s brains is about to be made in the form of the brain scanner’s implementation…

Not a series. A universe.

"Alpha 0.7 – Total Control" is at its core a six-part television series about Johanna Berger, whose life is turned upside down when she moves to Stuttgart and starts her new job. But “Alpha 0.7” is more than that. Online, the world in 2017 comes to live in blogs, on websites and in films, the characters become three-dimensional. The internet becomes its own narrative with the characters the viewer met on the TV series and whose story also takes place in a radio drama and various other forms. And you can even meet “Alpha 0.7“ in real life: apollon’s band from the year 2017, crash:conspiracy, is already playing gigs as a musical act from the future and their music is very much part of the presence…  

The world of „Alpha 0.7 – Total Control“ is fiction. But it is not entirely the creation of authors. The technical advances that are dealt with in the narrative cosmos are merely a culminated version of the possibilities and scientific findings that are realized by research and industry today. “Alpha 0.7” is fiction. But whether the world as described on the series will remain pure fiction remains to be seen…