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Shameless” stagione premiere nome ‘Shameless’ gocce Bitcoin e altri cripto

Peccato che la breve conversazione cripto-correlata sia stata in gran parte senza senso.

Diversi programmi televisivi hanno menzionato Bitcoin

Diversi programmi televisivi hanno menzionato Bitcoin (BTC) o altre criptocurrenze nel corso degli anni, tra cui Big Bang Theory nel 2017 e The Simpsons nel 2020. Una delle ultime citazioni crittografiche è avvenuta durante la premiere dell’undicesima stagione di Shameless, in un episodio intitolato “This is Chicago”.

E’ il mio crypto”, dice il personaggio Dash, elaborando: “Il mio Bitcoin”. E’ sceso di 30 e lo stavo usando per far leva sul mio Tether e sul mio Ethereum”. Un altro personaggio ha risposto: “Non ho idea di cosa tu abbia appena detto”.

Dash continuò:

“I futures petroliferi hanno sventrato il mio portafoglio la scorsa primavera. Quindi, se ci sarà un altro calo di due punti sui miei cryptos, dovrò coprire una chiamata di margine”.

È improbabile che i commenti di Dash abbiano molto senso per i partecipanti al mondo reale nello spazio dei blockchain, dato che il dialogo sembrava essere poco più di una combinazione di parole chiave e technobabble a bassa fedeltà. Si potrebbe usare Tether in un commercio Bitcoin a leva, per esempio, ma il contrario sembra illogico. Inoltre non è chiaro cosa significhi esattamente “giù di 30” per Bitcoin. Se si riferisce semplicemente ai dollari, allora potrebbe volersi allacciare la cintura, dato che uno swing di 30 dollari per il Bitcoin è un’azione di prezzo minuscola.

I prezzi del petrolio hanno effettivamente subito una dura primavera quest’anno

I prezzi del petrolio hanno effettivamente subito una dura primavera quest’anno, tuttavia, quindi almeno il suo commento sul petrolio si allinea adeguatamente. Coprire un margin call significa che Dash deve depositare più garanzie per mantenere le sue attuali posizioni di trading se i prezzi scendono oltre un certo punto.

Lunedì, l’account Twitter della piattaforma di portafoglio MyCrypto ha segnalato le quotazioni dell’episodio, dicendo:

“Bitcoin, Ethereum e Tether hanno ricevuto una menzione nella premiere della stagione di questa sera di Shameless!”

Anche se il dialogo non aveva molto senso, l’inclusione del cripto dell’episodio ha comunque segnato la crescente consapevolezza del mainstream per le valute digitali. Bitcoin e altri hanno visto un’adozione significativa nel 2020, compreso il recente lancio di PayPal sulla sua piattaforma.


In 2020, Darknet market crypt currency revenues exceeded $1.5 billion.

Even without December, Darknet market revenues in crypt currencies surpassed the previous year’s level, reaching a new high of over $1.5 billion, according to the Chainalysis report.

The company’s specialists account for transactions in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Tether (USDT).

Despite the growth in the total volume of Bitcoin Loophole platform transactions in digital currencies, Chainalysis analysts believe that darkness markets can wait for difficult times.

They drew attention to two trends: the decline in the number of sites and the number of transactions. While at the beginning of the year Chainalysis had 57 active markets in the darnet, by December this figure had fallen to 37, the lowest value since November 2017. In this category, analysts consider markets with monthly turnover of at least $100 in crypt currencies.

Last year, its users made more than 12 million transactions in digital currencies, in 2020 the figure barely exceeded 9 million. The cost per purchase increased on average. According to Chainalysis, this can be explained by the increase in the number of buyers of prohibited goods for subsequent resale and the exit of those who purchased them for personal consumption.

The reduction in the number of sites in the company is seen as a result of law enforcement and increased competition, which leads to consolidation of the sector.

“We have also seen more darknessnet market closures in 2020, including those known as Flugsvamp 2.0 and Empire,” said Chainalysis.

Analysts cite the implementation of fraudulent schemes and competitor DoS attacks by operators as the main reasons why dacernet markets have stopped operating. Another factor is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which causes problems with delays in delivery.

Earlier, Chainalysis stated that the fall in the price of Bitcoin in the spring of 2020 against the backdrop of global panic from the coronavirus has reduced activity on dacnets markets.

Russia follows suit: Sberbank announces stablecoin

The Russian state bank Sberbank plans to launch its own crypto platform for the acquisition of digital assets from next year. In addition, the financial institution would like to issue its own crypto currency, the “Sbercoin”.

The Russian news agency RBC reported on Monday on the plans of Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, referring to CEO Herman Gref.

He said the company is responding to the upcoming Russian law regulating the crypto market with this move . They want to offer services related to the acquisition of digital assets with their own blockchain platform.

“Sbercoin” should come in early 2021

In addition, the financial institution announced its own stablecoin, the “Sbercoin”, which will also be launched in 2021. This step comes as no surprise. The bank had been toying with the issue of a stablecoin for a long time.

With the establishment of the “Sbercoin”, Bitcoin Future enables the quick exchange of a crypto asset, for example Bitcoin, for traditional fiat currencies such as US dollars, euros or rubles.

Interest in cryptocurrencies is growing in Russia

In late July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law regulating transactions in digital assets. This legalizes the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. The currency remains denied the status of legalized means of payment.

Nevertheless, interest in cryptocurrencies is growing, as Russia’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin told RBC. However, he emphasized: “It is important that owners of digital assets can protect their rights and interests and that shadow business is made more difficult.”

They moved a billion dollars in Bitcoin associated with the black market of Silk Road

Two crypto intelligence companies reported that a billion dollars was moved in Bitcoin associated with Silk Road. Who was it?

Yesterday CipherTrace published a report where it was reported that an anonymous user moved 69,370 Bitcoins from an address associated with Silk Road. We tell you everything!

Bitcoin associated with Silk Road

Silk Road was closed by the US authorities in 2013, as the site allowed people to sell drugs and other illegal products. Two years later, its creator, Ross Ulbricht, was sentenced to life in prison.

Now CipherTrace has reported that 69,370 Bitcoins, or more than USD 960 billion, were moved in two transactions from a wallet of an Crowd Millionaire connected to Silk Road.

Elliptic, a crypto intelligence company, also reported the move. However, in the report Tom Robinson, co-founder of Elliptic, stated that he is not quite sure who owns the funds.

“I would say that I am 60% sure that these funds are from Silk Road at this time, I am not sure,” Robinson said.

Let’s remember that this wallet address associated with the Silk Road case, before the recent move, had the fourth highest balance of any Bitcoin address.

We should also bear in mind that an encrypted file has been circulating on hacker forums for the past year. Apparently, this file has the crypto keys needed to take over Bitcoins at this address.

There is therefore a possibility, albeit a small one, that a hacker managed to obtain the keys. But there is also the possibility that it was Ulbricht himself.

What do you need to know about this case?

According to Elliptic, Silk Road attracted about 150,000 buyers and thus 4,000 suppliers. Illegal negotiations and exchanges apparently took place, resulting in total sales of USD 183 million.

At the time, the FBI apparently confiscated approximately 174,000 Bitcoins belonging to Ulbricht. After they were confiscated, these Bitcoins were auctioned off by the US government.

However, it seems that the numbers are not entirely accurate. The reason is that the total commissions earned by Silk Road are believed to have totalled 614,000 Bitcoins. So the question is, where is the rest?

Let’s bear in mind that that amount of Bitcoin is currently valued at $6 billion.

“There has always been a suspicion that Silk Road profits can remain in circulation,” said Robinson.

Who will be behind this move? What will be the next step? We’d like to know your opinion!

Buy Bitcoin: Fund manager believes that every bank will buy BTC in the future

Buy Bitcoin!- This is the advice Bill Miller, founder of the investment firm Miller Value Partners, gives to the listeners in a recent interview with CNBC.

Miller, who has more than 20 years of experience in the investment field, advises to buy Bitcoin. Compared to other assets, the crypto currency dominates in the 1-year, 5-year and even more so in the 10-year perspective.

Bitcoin is an enormous chance and one should use this purchase opportunity now, so Miller.

Bitcoin: Each bank will buy sometime BTC

The Bitcoin roller coaster was also present this year. When the markets set off south in March under the impression of Covid-19, the price of the digital crypto currency BTC also fell sharply. In absolute terms, we saw a price level of around $4,000.

With the slow recovery of the stock and financial markets, Bitcoin Pro also began to recover. In the meantime, the price is quoted at a level of around $15,000.

Bill Miller starts at this point in his CNCB interview. Admittedly, he admits that the volatility of the crypto currency was high this year. But the same is now also true for shares and other asset classes.

The recent movements of Bitcoin are however a sign of stability. While few years ago the question arose again and again whether the Bitcoin course could fall to 0$, today probably hardly humans place themselves this question.

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Support from Wall Street

Miller sees the support Bitcoin has received from Wall Street as a particularly strong signal. Wall Street sees Bitcoin as a necessary hedge in times of low interest rates and rising inflation.

Miller repeats a common narrative in this context. He believes that the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve Bank will lead to rising inflation. A hedge against this loss of purchasing power is therefore necessary. In his opinion, banks are now increasingly seeing Bitcoin as such an instrument alongside gold.

I think that every large bank, every large investment bank and every company with a high market capitalization will eventually hold a position in Bitcoin.

In short: Miller believes that all relevant players in the financial world will be confronted with Bitcoin in the future and will buy Bitcoin, at least in small parts.
The golden law of supply and demand

At this point we may once again recall the golden law of supply and demand for pricing in markets. Finally, the third Bitcoin Halving took place in May of this year.

According to this, the newly created supply of BTC was halved. Especially in times of quantitative easing, Bitcoin’s supply and monetary policy represents a real contrast. Miller therefore stresses that Bitcoin and its pricing is simply the logical result of supply and demand.

With the fixed parameter of 21 million BTC and the fact that demand – stimulated by large companies – is higher than supply, a further price increase is logical.

Po tym, jak Kanye West i PewDiePie znani Rapper Logic popierają Bitcoin

Bitcoin zyskał ostatnio wiele uwagi po ogromnym wzroście, który spowodował przekroczenie granicy 15 000 USD i zaszokował wielu. Zasób ten był obserwowany przez wiele międzynarodowych celebrytów i wygląda na to, że słynny raper Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, popularnie znany jako Logic, jest najnowszym, który promuje Bitcoin, a ogłoszenie pojawiło się zaraz po tym, jak Bitcoin wykonał ogromny ruch i zyskał popularność na Twitterze.

W tweecie 7 listopada emerytowany raper i twórca treści, którego rekordy wielokrotnie znajdowały się na szczytach list przebojów, zauważył, że jego menedżer Chris Zarou przekonał go do zakupu Bitcoina.

Chociaż szczegóły dotyczące inwestycji nie zostały ujawnione, Logic wspomniał w swoim tweecie, że była to „duża inwestycja w #bitcoin”

Logic ma ponad 2,3 miliona obserwujących na Twitterze, a społeczność wydawała się podekscytowana wejściem rapera do świata kryptowalut. Z drugiej strony, niektórzy martwili się o jego czas wejścia z powodu ruchu za 1500 $ dzień wcześniej, a gwałtowna korekta mogła zmienić zdanie rapera.

Jest to jednak mało prawdopodobne, ponieważ menedżer Logic Zarou wydaje się być zwolennikiem Bitcoina, ponieważ kilka dni wcześniej napisał na Twitterze, że jest „nieodpowiedzialnie długi” na Bitcoinie.

Termin nieodpowiedzialnie długo został sformułowany przez zarządzającego funduszami hedgingowymi i byka Bitcoin Raoul Pal, który uważa, że ​​Bitcoin może osiągnąć milion dolarów w tym cyklu rynkowym w wyniku zainteresowania instytucjonalnego.

Logic nie jest jedynym artystą, który stawia na Bitcoin, ponieważ jest wspierany przez zdobywcę nagrody Grammy i kandydata na prezydenta Kanye Westa, który w zeszłym miesiącu transmitował na żywo popularny podcast Joe Rogan i chwalił Bitcoin.

W międzyczasie pewna sensacja YouTube’a PewDiePie zaprezentowała swoim 107 milionom subskrybentów na początku tego miesiąca niewymienialne tokeny (NFT) i kryptowaluty, promując grę w stylu Pokemona o nazwie Wallem, w której również sprzedaje swoją „skórkę PewDiePie” w grze jako NFT.

Bitcoin rajd nie jest napędzany przez inwestorów detalicznych

Pomimo, że wiele celebrytów popiera kryptowaluty, takie jak Bitcoin, dane z Google Trends pokazują, że zainteresowanie terminem „Bitcoin” i innymi powiązanymi wyszukiwaniami było wciąż na najniższym od wielu lat poziomie.

Może to być wskazówką, że obecny wzrost jest napędzany przez graczy instytucjonalnych, takich jak Grayscale i inni zarządzający funduszami, na podstawie liczb zgłoszonych przez te instytucje.

Dostawcy usług płatności mobilnych Square’s Cash App również odnotował znaczny wzrost przychodów w trzecim kwartale dzięki Bitcoin. W oparciu o raport finansowy dla amerykańskiej Komisji Papierów Wartościowych i Giełd, Bitcoin stał się największym źródłem przychodów dla aplikacji Cash App.

Biorąc wszystko pod uwagę, Logic i inne gwiazdy wchodzące na rynek Bitcoin to wciąż dobra wiadomość dla całej branży, jeśli chodzi o popularyzację tej dość nowej klasy aktywów.

O bilionário Jeffrey Gundlach uma vez chamou a Bitcoin de “mentira”, mas agora diz que você pode comprá-la

Muitos críticos de Bitcoin estão mudando sua posição em relação à moeda criptográfica. Alguns passam de condená-la abertamente a tolerá-la lentamente, enquanto outros a abraçam de braços abertos.

Jeffery Gundlach, co-fundador e CEO da empresa de investimento DoubleLine Capital LP, com sede em Los Angeles, expressou recentemente sua crença de que a bitcoin é uma boa escolha de investimento, pois serve como uma cobertura contra a inflação.

Ambos os ativos têm provado ser ativos seguros em tempos de crise econômica

De acordo com um tweet recente, o gerente do fundo de hedge compartilhou sua nova opinião durante um webinar da Rosenberg Research que aconteceu ontem. Ele mencionou que ouro físico e ouro digital, bitcoin, são dois grandes ativos que os investidores precisam possuir para se protegerem contra a inflação.

O bitcoin já há muito tempo tinha obtido seu título como o ouro digital devido a suas muitas semelhanças com o ouro físico. Ambos os ativos têm provado ser ativos seguros em tempos de crise econômica.

Gundlach: Bitcoin é uma mentira

Entretanto, é bastante interessante ouvir isso de Gundlach, já que ele havia revelado claramente sua antipatia pela moeda criptográfica quando ele chamou o bitcoin de “mentira” em uma entrevista com a Business Insider há apenas um mês.

Durante a entrevista, Gundlach ficou particularmente desagradado com a “falta de anonimato” do bitcoin. Ele disse: “Eu não acredito em bitcoin”. Eu acho que é mentira. Acho que é muito rastreada, rastreável. Eu não acho que seja anônimo”.

Em vez disso, ele disse que preferia ativos tangíveis a moedas digitais, como o bitcoin. “Eu prefiro coisas que eu possa colocar no porta-malas do meu carro. Eu prefiro meu Mondrian na parede a uma entrada digital que tenha o mesmo valor”.

Embora Gundlach não esteja muito convencido sobre o bitcoin, ele havia feito muitas vezes previsões positivas em relação ao preço do ativo digital.

Esta recente declaração dele, no entanto, é uma indicação de que ele conhece bem o valor do bitcoin e sua utilidade como uma cobertura contra a inflação.

Com muitas figuras públicas e entidades governamentais apoiando o uso do bitcoin e até mesmo usando-o elas mesmas, é seguro dizer que a adoção generalizada da moeda criptográfica pode acontecer mais cedo do que mais tarde.

Há apenas uma semana, o governo iraniano endossou o uso de bitcoin legalmente minado para financiar importações de outros países e várias outras transações internacionais.


Rosyjscy urzędnicy publiczni muszą teraz zadeklarować swoje zasoby kryptograficzne jako dochód

Urzędnicy publiczni w Immediate Edge będą teraz musieli zadeklarować jako dochód wszystkie aktywa kryptograficzne, które posiadają. Środki obowiązują od 1 stycznia 2021 r., Podały lokalne media.

Rosyjski prokurator generalny Igor Krasnov oświadczył :

„Od przyszłego roku urzędnicy państwowi będą musieli deklarować [wirtualne] waluty na równi z innymi aktywami”

Krasnov powiedział to 20 października, przemawiając na spotkaniu korupcyjnym z udziałem 15 innych prokuratorów generalnych z państw członkowskich Szanghajskiej Organizacji Współpracy (SCO) i innych krajów.

SCO jest ośmioosobowym sojuszem politycznym, gospodarczym i bezpieczeństwa założonym w 2001 roku przez Chiny, Rosję, Kazachstan i Tadżykistan. Obejmuje również kilka państw stowarzyszonych, takich jak Iran, Białoruś, Kambodża i Afganistan.

Według raportu Russia Today, wyjaśnienie Krasnowa „oznacza również [że] urzędnicy będą musieli wskazać kryptowalutę w swoich deklaracjach dochodowych, co pozwoli państwu śledzić zarobki wszystkich urzędników”.

Do tej pory urzędnicy publiczni nie byli zobowiązani do deklarowania swoich zasobów cyfrowych

Wydawało się, że rada rosyjskiego ministerstwa pracy z 2018 r. Zwolniła ich z tego.

Jednak w związku z obawami, że kryptowaluty są wykorzystywane do korupcji ropy naftowej, prokuratura generalna ujawniła, że ​​w ciągu ostatnich trzech lat przejęła ponad 440 milionów dolarów nieujawnionych aktywów pieniężnych od urzędników publicznych, donoszą branżowe media .

Willy Woo: il quarto trimestre sarà piuttosto gentile con Bitcoin

Secondo gli ultimi grafici e gli ultimi approfondimenti degli esperti di crittografia e degli analisti, il quarto trimestre di quest’anno sarà piuttosto gentile con il bitcoin.
Questi ultimi mesi saranno buoni per Bitcoin?

In passato, il quarto trimestre è sempre stato uno dei principali fattori che hanno determinato l’andamento dei prezzi del bitcoin nei mesi futuri. Nel 2016, abbiamo visto il bitcoin raggiungere la fascia dei 1.000 dollari per la prima volta in circa tre anni. Era dal 2013 che il bitcoin non riusciva a raggiungere un tale obiettivo. Questo ha preparato il terreno per il massiccio rally dei prezzi della valuta che è durato tutto il 2017.

Come tutti ricordiamo, la valuta ha raggiunto il suo massimo storico di quasi 20.000 dollari per unità. Ha raggiunto questo numero durante il periodo natalizio di quell’anno, lasciando a tutti gli appassionati di crittografia il più grande regalo che potessero sperare. Tuttavia, il 2018 ha preso una brutta piega e ha visto l’asset entrare in una pesante fase ribassista che è durata per gran parte dell’anno.

Quando è arrivato il quarto trimestre, Bitcoin ha fatto una bruttissima caduta, passando dai 6.000 dollari – dove aveva trascorso la maggior parte dell’estate – alla metà dei 3.000 dollari. Il tutto è durato per tutti i restanti mesi del 2018 e per circa quattro mesi nel 2019.

Ora che siamo entrati negli ultimi tre mesi del 2020, molti siti e fonti affermano che il bitcoin si trova in una “zona di acquisto”. La società di analisi dei dati Glass Node, ad esempio, sostiene che il bitcoin ha raggiunto la sua più grande “buy zone” dall’inizio di marzo, quando il coronavirus ha iniziato a diffondersi a livello internazionale e a colpire i più grandi mercati finanziari della nazione.

In quel periodo, il bitcoin ha perso più di 6.000 dollari sul suo prezzo, scendendo dai 10.000 dollari della metà di febbraio fino ai 3.000 dollari. L’asset ha impiegato solo due mesi per riprendersi completamente, probabilmente perché molte persone erano incuriosite dall’improvviso basso prezzo di bitcoin e hanno iniziato ad acquistare l’asset ad un livello molto più serio.

Analisti come Willy Woo sono d’accordo con Glass Node e si sono rivolti a Twitter e ad altre piattaforme di social media per esprimere i loro pensieri e le loro idee. Woo ha recentemente offerto il seguente tweet:

Preparatevi a un grande quarto quarto 2020 per la gente di BTC (blah blah blah, disaccoppiamento, blah blah blah, nuove correlazioni). Il nastro della difficoltà è uno dei miei preferiti personali più affidabili.

Stiamo entrando nel conto alla rovescia finale

L’idea è che il bitcoin, dopo aver recentemente subito un calo di $2.000 (un calo da circa $12.400 a circa $10.400 solo poche settimane fa), la valuta è meno costosa e più accessibile sia per i nuovi acquirenti che per gli investitori a lungo termine che cercano di aggiungere ulteriori unità di bitcoin ai loro portafogli.

Un grafico separato pubblicato da Bitwise spiega che la valuta potrebbe potenzialmente raggiungere i 150.000 dollari entro la fine del 2021. Il grafico utilizza come supporto il terzo dimezzamento avvenuto lo scorso maggio, sostenendo che la valuta impiega tipicamente un anno o più dopo il dimezzamento per muoversi realmente in territorio rialzista.

Marché Wrap: Bitcoin retests 10,8 K $; La valeur totale bloquée dans DeFi atteint 11 milliards de dollars

Le prix du Bitcoin a testé 10800 $ pour clôturer en septembre alors que malgré une certaine déflation du marché, les investisseurs continuent de pousser la crypto dans DeFi.

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Le prix du Bitcoin Code est descendu à 10657 dollars mercredi, rebondissant dans la fourchette de 10800 dollars et s’établissant à 10701 dollars au moment de la publication.

En savoir plus: BitcoinACKs vous permet de suivre le développement Bitcoin et de payer des codeurs pour le travail

Jason Lau, chef de l’exploitation de l’échange de crypto-monnaie OKCoin, a déclaré que même si le bitcoin n’a pas pu atteindre de nouveaux sommets de 2020 en septembre, il est optimiste que la crypto-monnaie puisse encore pousser à la hausse à l’approche du quatrième trimestre de 2020. «L’élan des prix du Bitcoin est toujours positif. , avec ses reculs laissant des sommets plus élevés », a déclaré Lau à CoinDesk. «Cela indique une possible poursuite de cette évolution vers le haut.»

La société de trading quantitatif QCP Capital a écrit dans une note d’investisseur de septembre que le bitcoin et l’ éther ont pu rester au-dessus des prix «clés» pour le mois, ce qu’elle considère comme un signe pragmatique. «Le support clé des creux du début du mois de 10 000 $ sur BTC et 310 $ sur ETH a tous deux suscité une demande d’achat substantielle», a écrit QCP. «Cela a empêché toute vente de gamma short en cascade jusqu’à la fin du trimestre, ce qui était notre crainte si ces niveaux cassaient.»

Constantin Kogan, partenaire du fonds de fonds de crypto-monnaie BitBull Capital, a noté une augmentation du nombre de nouvelles entités sur le réseau Bitcoin, son plus haut niveau depuis octobre 2018, comme un signe de sentiment positif. Les nouvelles adresses uniques dans Bitcoin sont décrites par l’agrégateur de données Glassnode comme «des entités apparues pour la première fois dans une transaction de la pièce native dans le réseau».

«Nous constatons un pic d’activité des nouveaux participants entrant dans la BTC qui ne se reflète pas encore dans le prix. Cela n’arrive pas souvent », a déclaré Kogan à CoinDesk à propos de la nouvelle métrique des entités. «C’est ce que les traders appellent une divergence; dans ce cas, la tendance semble plus haussière. »

Sur le marché à terme du bitcoin, les taux de financement sont désormais principalement en territoire positif sur les principales plateformes de produits dérivés. Il s’agit d’un renversement par rapport à la semaine dernière et d’un signe que les traders haussiers entrent à nouveau sur le marché, selon Lau d’OKCoin.

«Les taux de financement des swaps perpétuels Bitcoin ont commencé à devenir positifs», a déclaré Lau à CoinDesk. «Cela indique que les investisseurs sont plus disposés à rester longtemps aux niveaux de prix actuels.»

DeFi franchit 11 milliards de dollars verrouillés

Ether (ETH), la deuxième plus grande crypto-monnaie en termes de capitalisation boursière, était en baisse mercredi autour de 355 $ et en baisse de 0,32% en 24 heures à 20h00 UTC (16h00 HE).

Le montant de crypto-monnaie «verrouillé» ou détenu dans des protocoles de finance décentralisée (DeFi), a dépassé 11 milliards de dollars mardi, selon l’agrégateur de données DeFi Pulse.