• Former Alameda engineer Aditya Baradwaj claims Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) stole his life savings.
• Baradwaj recounts the rise and fall of FTX, exposing contradictions, grand visions, and heartbreaking consequences.
• He paints a vivid picture of his first day at Alameda Research with SBF playing a video game while having a business call.

Former Alameda Engineer Accuses SBF of Stealing His Life Savings

A former engineer at Alameda Research has come forward with claims that his entire life savings were stolen by Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), his former boss. Aditya Baradwaj paints a vivid picture of the rise and fall of FTX, exposing the contradictions, grand visions, and heartbreaking consequences that ensued.

Baradwaj’s Entry Into Alameda Research

Baradwaj explained the story beginning with his entry into Alameda Research after leaving a position at Google. He recounts his first day at the company and the excitement of working for a small, mysterious crypto firm led by SBF. According to Baradwaj, his first encounter with Bankman-Fried was quite unorthodox, as the exec was playing a video game while having a business call.

SBF’s Vision That Never Came to Be

Baradwaj goes on to describe how SBF had big ambitions for what he wanted to achieve with FTX – providing an easy way for users to buy crypto directly from their bank accounts – but those ambitions never came to fruition due to legal issues and lack of capital. Despite this setback, SBF didn’t give up on trying to make it work and eventually raised enough money for FTX to launch its own native token: FTT.

The Fall Of FTX And Loss Of Funds For Employees

However, things took a turn for the worse when FTT crashed in price due to market manipulation which led to huge losses in funds for not only customers but also employees who had invested in it. As if this wasn’t bad enough, financial mismanagement meant that there wasn’t enough money left over to pay out salaries or reimburse employees like Baradwaj who had lost their life savings as part of investing in FTT.


In conclusion, this story provides an insight into the events leading up to one man’s loss of life savings due to trusting someone who promised big returns but ultimately failed him when things went wrong. It is an important lesson about always being careful when investing in crypto projects as even those backed by well-known figures can suffer from financial mismanagement or market manipulation which can lead to devastating losses for everyone involved

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